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Excavation refers to the process of removing earth, rock, or other materials from a site for construction or other purposes.

Structural fill materiel can be placed and compacted in 6-inch lifts to make sure the foundation or slabs will not settle. All structural fill materiel will be graded using lasers to make its at the right level or grade. We also have portable crushing equipment for on site work we can make road base 2 inch minus which can save you money hauling out the materiel and also the hauling of road base or stone in. All equipment used is state of the art with air conditioning which allows us to work in the hottest weather. We have available trucks that can haul up to 50 yards and or 25 tons.

To restore your property after a disaster – major storms can wreak havoc on an area. Fallen trees and structures that have been blown down can leave your property or access roads blocked or uninhabitable. You might also experience flood damage, which can create erosion or drainage issues. Having standing water on your property is never wise as it can damage your land and breed insects. You may need excavation services to clean up the area as well as minimize any future risks.

To install or repair underground pipes – let’s face it, pipes often leak. Those located underground require excavation services to reach them so they can be repaired. You may also need to install them in the first place.

To remove trees or other unwanted materials – there are many reasons why you might need to have trees removed. They could be threatening existing structures or be in the way of new builds. You might simply want to gain more usable space for recreation or landscaping. There are perhaps just as many methods for getting rid of undesirable trees but nothing is as effective as excavation services.

land Excavation

Excavation Service

When you contract for any business, you should know what you are getting. If you find a business that offers more than you expect, that’s a plus. For example, if you are in the market for excavation services, you might think it’s just digging, but there is so much more. More than anything, business should offer honesty, productivity and smart decisions. They should also be a well-rounded business that can offer you anything you might require to bring a project to completion. That’s why it’s so important to know that excavation services offer more than just digging.

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